Crafted with care, for children and dreamy nights

We produce high quality baby hammocks and baby bouncers, made from organic and sustainable materials

The Moonboon Baby Hammock is made from the finest organic cotton. The mattress is filled with 100% natural, organic Kapok fibre.

The Baby Bouncer is a motor that makes the hammock rock independently. You can easily adjust the speed and it also features a timer. The Baby Bouncer is not in stock at the moment. If you purchase the Bouncer we will ship it to you in October 2019.

Du kan tilkøbe batterier.. bla bla bla...

If you purchase the Baby Hammock and the Baby Bouncer as a bundle you will save Euro 75,00. The Baby Bouncer is not in stock at the moment. If you purchase a bundle we will ship the Hammock now and the Bouncer in October 2019.

The Baby Bouncer is not in stock at the moment. If you purchase the Bundle, we will ship the hammock and the bouncer to you in Sep/Oct 2019.

Moonboon is inspired by the moon, the night, sleep, dreams and fairy tales.

Babies and Hiccups

Almost all babies with go through a period of frequent hiccupping. Babies are usually not particularly bothered by having hiccups, as it is completely natural to occur.

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Behind Moonboon

The idea occurred to me during my maternity leave with our son. I struggled to get him to sleep during the day, and it was recommended to me that I get a baby hammock.

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Overtræt baby

Spædbørn - og babyer generelt - har et utrolig stort søvnbehov. Nyfødte sover i gennemsnit 14 til 17 timer. I de første måneder har spædbørn ikke noget fast søvnmønster, da det først og fremmest er deres sult, der styrer, hvornår og hvor ofte de er vågne.

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Baby sover uroligt

Mange babyer har svært ved at falde til ro - og når de endelig falder i søvn, sover de ofte uroligt. Det kan være hårdt for forældrene, som også får forstyrret deres nattesøvn, fordi den lille bliver ved med at røre på sig.

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