Overtired baby! Infants require incredible amounts of sleep. Newborns will sleep 14 to 17 hours per day on average.

Infants don’t have a set sleeping pattern for the first few months, as it is mainly hunger that controls when and how often they wake. Not all babies are alike and the amount of sleep required will vary from child to child. Nevertheless, there will certainly be periods during the child’s first year when they become overtired. It is never much fun as a parent to attempt to handle an overtired baby, but luckily help is at hand in the form of a baby hammock.

Symptoms of over tiredness in babies
Children usually only begin to sleep more than 5 consecutive hours at a time past 6 months of age. During the first 6 months of a child’s life, their sleeping pattern can be rather sporadic, meaning the child can easily become overtired as the many, yet short, bouts of sleep don’t always satisfy the child’s sleep needs. Past the six-month mark, developments in the baby’s nervous system and hormone production will begin to promote lengthened periods of sleep. At this point the baby will also have developed a better internal clock, meaning the baby will begin to sleep more during night time. Despite most babies beginning to have a more uniform sleep rhythm after 6 months, there will still be some who continue to sleep more sporadically for longer. These babies will therefore become overtired more often.

A baby hammock can help an overtired baby
If your child has a tendency to become overtired, several methods can be used to help solve the problem. A baby hammock is one.

A baby hammock will both help a baby fall asleep as well as stay a sleep longer. As the rocking motion reminds the child of their comforting time in the womb, they will naturally fall asleep and will sleep peacefully in the hammock.

Here at Moonboon, we’ve also developed a motor for the hammock to enable automatic continued rocking. This way it is not necessary for a parent to sit and rock the hammock. Instead you can put your feet up, have a well-earned break and have the motor take care of rocking the baby to sleep in the hammock. The motor can be set to different speeds so that it suits your baby’s specific preference.

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