With Kapok, you get a 100% natural and sustainable product. Kapok is the natural choice for the consumer wanting a hypoallergenic product.

When you purchase a Kapok mattress you contribute to the conservation of tropical rainforests.

Every year the native people living in and around the areas of rainforest where the Kapok tree grows, harvest the seedpods manually. The sale of the seed fiber makes up a large part of their livelihood. When you invest in a Kapok product, you not only get a 100% natural and organic product, you also support natural and sustainable farming that helps the conservation of rainforests in the countries where Kapok originates.


Kapok is 100% naturally organic, as no pesticides, insecticides or the like are used for production. Kapok is therefore the natural choice for the consumer looking for a hypoallergenic product.

Kapok fiber contains, wax, lignin and bitter compounds that make Kapok the only material that is naturally resistant to mould and pests. The anti bacterial properties also protect against dust mites, making Kapok particularly suitable for babies.

Temperature regulation
Kapok fiber contains around 80% air, making it the lightest natural fiber on the planet –nearly 8 times lighter than cotton. The air absorption in the fibers makes Kapok both insulating and temperature regulating, ensuring comfortable sleep for your baby.

The light and airy structure of Kapok fiber, makes it an extremely breathable material. The water repelling properties of the fibers also means that moisture isn’t absorbed by the material, but rather is led away from the body naturally via the cavities in the fibers. You will therefore not experience the same damp feeling you get with products such as down, wool or cotton. Instead, your baby will enjoy a completely dry and comfortable nights sleep.

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