The idea for Moonboon came to me whilst I was on maternity leave after having had our son.

My name is Marie and I started Moonboon together with my husband Adam.

The idea occurred to me during my maternity leave with our son. I struggled to get him to sleep during the day, and it was recommended to me that I get a baby hammock. It worked, and he fell asleep much more easily. There was only one problem; the minute the hammock stopped rocking, my son stopped sleeping too.

I therefore decided to enlist the help of a team of Danish engineers to help me develop the Moonboon motor, to enable the hammock to rock independently. Suddenly my hands were free to complete other tasks whilst our baby slept safe and sound!

During the process of designing the motor, I began to consider the baby hammocks that were already available on the market. I felt that a hypoallergenic version was sorely needed. Due to this, I decided to also develop a baby hammock.

At Moonboon we want to take care of the environment and we use exclusively organic materials for our baby hammocks for this very reason. The mattress is filled with hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly Kapok fibers, and the shell surrounding the motor is made from biodegradable material.

It was the love between myself and my baby and the need to care for myself too as a new mother that inspired me to create Moonboon.

I hope that your baby will sleep just as soundly as my son has –and still does today.

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