Many babies struggle to fall asleep, and when they finally do doze off, they often sleep restlessly.

This can be hard on parents whose sleep patterns also become disturbed when the little one keeps wriggling.

Babies sleeping in baby hammock are more likely to fall asleep fast due to the rocking motion. Many babies will often become restless or wake up entirely once the rocking motion stops.

A baby hammock will make your child sleep peacefully
Here at MoonBoon we have developed a unique motor that rocks the hammock automatically. The motor can be adjusted to rock the hammock at your preferred speed, and can also be set to move at a very slow tempo. A gentle setting will ensure peaceful sleep for your baby if he or she has a tendency to sleep restlessly. The motor also features an inbuilt timer, enabling hands free rocking for up to 3 hours.

A baby hammock with a motor is the absolute best you can offer your child if they are a naturally restless sleeper. The baby hammock from MoonBoon is made from quality organic cotton. The mattress is made with organic hypoallergenic Kapok, and the motor shelling is made from a biodegradable plastic substitute.

The baby hammock features an ergonomic design and is 100% safe to use. Furthermore, the hammock’s shape ensures the best and most optimal support for your baby’s spine. This is one of the reasons that baby hammocks are recommended by midwives.

A baby hammock stimulates development of your baby’s motor skills
Your child will be surrounded by soft organic fabrics when sleeping in our baby hammock, and can be rocked both back and forth as well as up and down. As the child finds this reminiscent of their time in the womb, the rocking motion will help soothe the child to sleep.

It is very important for a child’s development to be gently rocked and moved. There is a small balancing organ situated in the inner ear, which is stimulated when a child is rocked. The brain senses this and as a result aids development of both the child’s balance and motor skills.


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