Baby Hammock – how long? Once you’ve acquired a baby hammock, it will fast become your child’s preferred place to sleep.

Babies find the gentle rocking of the hammock immensely calming. This is due to the motion being reminiscent of their time spent comfortably inside their mother’s tummy. The hammock naturally brings out the same sense of peace and comfort in the child. In addition to this, a baby hammock is a great alternative to more traditional cribs as the hammock helps development of the child’s balance and motor skills.

As the transition from hammock to a normal bed may feel a little daunting, it is natural to wonder; “when has my child outgrown the baby hammock?”

When are children too old to use a baby hammock?
There isn’t a generally agreed upon answer to the exact age a child becomes too old to sleep in a baby hammock. The Moonboon baby hammock can carry up to 12kg. That’s equivalent to a child’s weight around the age of 1.5 years old. It is therefore usually recommended that children over 1.5 years of age do not use baby hammocks. There are of course exceptions to this rule in cases where the child does not yet weigh 12kg at the time they turn 1.5. So, as long as your child is comfortable and snug there is nothing wrong with he or she continuing to use the hammock past age 2. However, it is vital that you hang the hammock close to the floor so as not to risk injury to your child if he or she attempts to climb out of the hammock unsupervised.

Baby hammocks promote quality sleep
The MoonBoon baby hammock is the best on the market. The hammock is made from high quality organic cotton, the mattress from hypoallergenic, organic Kapok. Kapok is a sustainable, water repellent yet ultra breathable material. Because of this the MoonBoon baby hammock mattress will never feel damp or sweaty and guarantees your baby is in the most optimal surroundings to promote quality sleep.

Here at Moonboon, we have also developed a motor that can be attached to the baby hammock. We have named it the Moonboon Baby Bouncer. The motor automatically bounces the hammock, so that the parent is no longer required to sit and rock the baby hammock manually. You can set the motor to rock your baby to sleep whilst you take care of other things, or even better, put your feet up and have a well deserved rest. The motor can be set at different speeds, so that it rocks your baby at their exact preferred tempo. The motor even features a timer so that is can rock a hammock continuously for up to three hours at a time.




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