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The Moonboon Baby Hammock is made from the finest organic cotton. The mattress is filled with 100% natural, organic Kapok fibre. The cross bar is made from walnut tree. The baby hammock from Moonboon is a safe and ergonomic sleep solution, which supports development of your baby’s vertebrae. It is due to this that the baby hammock is recommended by midwives.

The Moonboon baby hammock can carry up to 15 kg, while the spring only carries up to 12 kg as the spring is specially designed, so it will bounce even with little weight.

The Baby Bouncer is a motor that makes the hammock rock independently. The motor can carry up to 15 kg. You can easily adjust the speed and it also features a timer. The casing is produced in biodegradable plastic and the motor is developed, designed, testet and assembled in Denmark.

Moonboon Baby Bouncer is developed to provide babies with safe and peaceful sleep, allowing the parent to recharge their energy stores until the little one awakens. With this solution, you can be entirely “hands-free” whilst your baby is asleep. This will in turn allow you those much-needed extra hours for sleep or other activities –daily.

*Please notice that door clamp is not included.

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