A long story short

My name is Marie and I started Moonboon together with my husband Adam.

We produce high quality baby hammocks and baby bouncers, made from organic and sustainable materials. Moonboon is inspired by the moon, the night, sleep, dreams and fairy tales. The Moon symbolize the night, while Boon means blessing, bonus, good thing, help and luxury.

It was the love between myself and my baby and the need to care for myself too as a new mother that inspired me to create Moonboon. I hope that your baby will sleep just as soundly as my son has –and still does today.

Sustainable products

At Moonboon we want to take care of the environment and we use exclusively organic materials for our baby hammocks for this very reason. The mattress is filled with hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly Kapok fibers, and the shell surrounding the motor is made from biodegradable material.

All of our packaging is 100% natural and biodegradable. We use only recycled paper and cardboard, and our parcel padding is made from cornstarch.


It has been essential for us from the very beginning, to develop high quality products.

Because of this, all of our product design, development and testing has been done in Denmark.

Our motor was designed by Danish designer Laura Faurschou, and was developed and tested by Danish electronics tester and manufacturer C.B. Svendsen, who are based in Kirke Værløse.